Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dublin Bus

Well last night's curios excitement came and went. It was a quiet night for me, sometimes the night just doesn't fall for you, got plenty of stick off the other lads though who 'claim' they got some great long journeys worth a few bob. The banter is good though, keeps the head high.

Dublin Bus made the news yesterday announcing they were cutting jobs, buses and frequency of services on their routes.

This makes me wonder a few things.

Will those bus drivers laid off go out and buy themselves a taxi plate?

Does the cut in Dublin Bus services, which they say is down to a reduction in passengers, mean less people are out about or does it mean more people will have to rely on getting a taxi?

I actually like the part about the cut in Nitelink services, as a night time driver this might mean a few more bodies at the ranks!

Funny, my last fare last night was a girl (pleasant enough but burned the ear off me about Dublin Bus) who had bought her ticket for the Nitelink and then proceeded to her bus. A pinch of salt might be needed here but she says when she got to her bus the doors were closed, she knocked on the doors to get on, the driver looked at her square in the eyes and then proceeded to pull off up the street. One mans loss is another mans gain, I got a fare I wouldn't have normally got. We actually caught up with said bus along the journey and there wasn't one single person on it!

I took the following picture near enough to my house some months ago, can't remember exactly when. It always gives me a laugh though, just so you know, there were no injuries or fatalities in this incident. Imagine waking up and opening your curtains to this?


  1. Most of the people who get the fight link are students or scummers, the latter we have to except now and again in the taxi, but as for the students they are the ones who run out on you.

    Just be wary of students getting in (ask for a deposit before moving off)

  2. Oh Ireland, when things hit the shitter public transport is the first thing to go, which makes no sense at all - to lessen an already shite set of bus routes. Meaning people without a car can't get around - smart thinking, well done!
    I suppose people will cycle more and most likely take more taxis at night.

  3. Very true Jack, I've had a few in the past. Every time I swear I'll hit the gym and lose a few stone, haha!