Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's been a month.

I've been lazy recently and haven't got around to posting for about a month now. There's a few reasons that I won't bore you with.

I have nothing of real interest to post today as I've only really had the regular Joe 90 in the taxi. There's nothing wrong with that, I like Joe 90 but it's just usually the same conversational tosh.

Most of the converstions these days are centred around the recession and it gets boring very quickly. It is actually a pleasure to talk about the weather now! Ah, the weather, the staple of Irish conversation starters.

Work is so-so, the bills are getting paid but there's actually zero for pocket money or savings. Optimism tells me that once the mortgage gets paid and there's a few bob left to run the lights that is all that matters, so I'm happy with that.

Steam has gathered indeed with a spate of recent taxi protests. I'll leave that to the other blogs as they are covering it comprehensively enough if you're interested. On a personal note, hats off to these guys who organise the protests whilst doing it in a graceful manner and keeping on the good side of Joe public. I am unsure if any change will come of these protests in the end. I think the government and regulator will take their own independent actions and I also believe in the long run they will actually be good for the industry.

Over and out for now, I just wanted to familiarise myself with the keyboard again.