Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was presented with a couple of opportunities to improve my karma over the last couple of days so I seized upon both of them as I thought maybe karma levels were low after the incident on Friday night.

I had dropped off a fare to the Clarion hotel along the quays at about 5.30 on Monday morning and was counting my money and sorting out my account dockets as I was about to head home. Next thing I get a knock on the window. It's a truck driver from somewhere in the UK looking for me to give him directions to a banana depot in the fruit markets. I hate giving directions with more than 2 or 3 instructions as I know people will just get lost so I offer to drive down there and for him to follow me. It's not even 2 miles and kind of in the direction of my house in Crumlin. I'm thinking 10 minutes, job done. I'm crossing over Matt Talbot bridge and it obviously hits me that this guy is driving a massive 40 foot artic' truck and he can't just simply take any road I can. D'oh! I know he can drive down the quays but then I get a mental block about whether he can make a turn onto Fr. Matthew's bridge and over onto Church street. I ended taking him way out of the way up Dame St. and back down Bridge St. just to make sure he'd get across the liffey. Of course going across the bridge I see there is acres of room for a truck to turn, time to go home, brain is slowing down to a stop. Truck driver thanked me and wished me safely home. Zzzz. Zzzz.

Got an account job to Maynooth last night, haven't earned much cash this week, the corporate sector seem to be keeping my wheels turning at the moment. On my way back into Dublin at about 11pm, a woman hails me in at a bus stop across from Liffey valley shopping centre. Happy days I think, some cash for a spin back towards town. She opens the door and in fairness to her the first thing she says is that she was actually thumbing a lift and not flagging down a taxi. She further explains that herself and her fella are homeless and they need to get back into town to get to a hostel before 11.30pm. 'Any chance of a lift?' she says. I weighed up my options knowing that there wasn't a chance in hell of me getting a job off my radio in this neck of the woods and the chances of somebody hailing me in along the Chapelizod bypass were as random as this woman asking me for a free lift. I agreed and they were throwing blessings and thanks towards me as if it was going out of fashion, but as our mammies always used to tell us 'Manners cost you nothing'. We're chatting away as we drive towards the city centre and she was telling me that for dropping them into town something good would happen to me. Her fella in the back starts asking me about my Sat Nav and how it works. I explain to him that it's been broken for about 2 weeks (Garin Nuvi - won't connect to a satellite - just out of warranty - annoying!) and I can't show it to him working properly. I hit a few buttons to show him touch screen functionality and next thing the Sat Nav is actually tracking us down the Chapelizod bypass. Were these 2 people my Sat Nav angels? I dropped them off at Bachelor's walk as I was heading over O'Connell bridge and they were heading up to Gardiner St. Good deed done for Tuesday, hopefully the money will start flying in now! No chance, mostly account work all night and about 1hr 15mins later the Sat Nav broke down again! I wonder had my Sat Nav angels finally settled down for some sleep.


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